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When you begin learning about ancient civilisations that are thousands of years old – the importance of the pineal gland for activation of higher dimensional experiences becomes clear…

Whether it was the ‘Eye of Horus’ in ancient Egypt, the ‘Crystal Palace’ in ancient China or the ‘Third Eye’ (Anja chakra) in ancient Hindu tradition, our ancestors seem to have placed a lot of focus and importance on this highly energetic organ. Activating the pineal gland was undertaken to awaken the mind’s eye.

The pine cone shape of the pineal gland has become a sacred symbol that can be found in the art and artefacts of many ancient traditions. Sumerian gods can be seen holding a pine cone and there is even an enormous pine cone statue at the Vatican in Rome, originally part of an ancient Roman temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis.

pine cone pineal gland

The pineal gland was actually named after the pine cone which comes from one of the most ancient plants on the planet, Conifer Pine Trees. With the spines of a pine cone spiralling in a perfect Fibonacci sequence in either direction, the pineal gland undoubtedly embodies sacred geometry in its physical blueprint that aligns with the unifying force that underlies creation.

In fact, scientific studies have recently identified calcite microcrystals with piezoelectric properties (can generate an electrical charge) in the pineal gland.[1] Magnetite crystal clusters have also been identified near the pineal gland with sensitivity to light, vibration and magnetic fields.[2]

Some scientists believe that it may actually act as the command centre of the entire subtle energy body system.

So let’s learn a little bit more about the importance of the pineal gland and how we can begin to re- activate it for higher dimensional awareness and consciousness.

‘Back to the Future’ we go….

The Geometric Centre of Your Brain and the ‘Crystal Palace’

The pineal gland is located in the geometric centre of our brainbehind and above the pituitary gland and tucked in between the two brain hemispheres.

pineal gland activation

[CODE ALERT] If you have heard of the golden ratio or the Fibonacci’s constant (a mathematical formula that shows up everywhere in nature), you can actually follow the golden ratio along the circumference of the brain and the resulting spiral will end up exactly at the location of the pineal gland.

Hmmm….now back to regular transmission….

The pineal gland is bathed in highly charged cerebrospinal fluid and is uniquely isolated from the blood-brain barrier system.

It receives more blood flow per cubic volume that any other organ in our body.

And it may well be the gland with the highest concentration of energy in our body.

The pineal gland is an endocrine gland that must be intact and functionally correctly in order for you to achieve optimal health. It is intimately linked to our body’s perception of light.

Using a scanning electron microscope, calcite microcrystals have now been identified in the pineal gland.[1] This means that it has piezoelectric properties (can generate and electrical charge when activated).

So the pineal microcrystals can act like an antenna, interacting with the external electromagnetic field and receiving frequencies and information beyond our five physical senses.

It now makes sense why the ancient Chinese sages referred to the regional of the brain bounded by the pineal, the pituitary and the hypothalamus glands as the ‘Crystal Palace’. But they didn’t have a scanning electron microscope 3000 years ago, so how did know the pineal gland contained crystals?

Researchers have also found magnetite clusters near the pineal gland, so along with sensitivity to light and vibration, the pineal gland is also thought to react to magnetic fields.[2] It may even act as a navigational centre like the magnetite found in the beaks of homing pigeons.[3] This explains why geomagnetic storms and environmental stressors can disrupt your sleep patterns (circadian rhythm).

The significance of this tiny gland doesn’t stop here…

The Pineal Gland, Melatonin and DMT

The pineal gland is the dominant source of the body’s ‘time-keeping’ hormone melatonin.

Melatonin production is stimulated during the night and supressed during the day, so it is like a biological signal for night time and helps our body synchronise with the day/ night rhythm (circadian rhythm) and seasonal cycles.

Melatonin is also known as an anti-aging and anti-stress hormone. It acts as a potent antioxidant that protects our neurons, so it can slow down the effects of aging.[4] It is also known to be an anti-depressant.[5] It helps to regulate our mood, our immune system and our quality and quantity of sleep.

The pineal gland also plays an important role in the production of other neurochemicals (such as pinoline and DMT) that are considered to connect the mind and body. Serotonin is a critical precursor to these neurochemicals and the pineal gland has one of the highest concentrations of serotonin in the body.

Under certain circumstances, it considered to be capable of producing the hallucinogen N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT). However, so far this has only been proven in scientific studies of rats.[6]  

Yes – this is the same DMT that occurs naturally in some plants and is consumed as part of Ayahuasca ceremonies, to access an energetic world that that we are typically unable to perceive in our ordinary state of consciousness (the inner subconscious landscape).  Ayahuasca plant medicine has traditionally been used by Amazonian Shaman for spiritual purposes for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, your pineal gland has the highest calcification rate of all the organs and tissues in your body. When your pineal gland becomes calcified, this affects its ability to product melatonin and is associated with the onset of several diseases. [7]

But don’t worry…you can slow the calcification of your pineal gland and even rejuvenate a calcified one.

Why Is The Pineal Gland Called The Third Eye?

In terms of our biological evolution, the pineal gland actually represents a kind of shrunken or atrophied photoreceptor.

In fact, the physiology, anatomy and biochemistry of the pineal gland and the retina indicate that they share evolutionary and developmental paths.

In some amphibians and reptiles, the epithalamus of the brain is linked to a light-sensing organ known as the ‘parietal eye’, which is also called the ‘pineal eye’ or the ‘third eye’.


It does not allow image-like vision but can differentiate light from dark. For lizards this was probably useful for protecting themselves against attack, but more importantly it was crucial for circadian and seasonal rhythms, just like in humans.

Seventeenth-century philosopher and scientist René Descartes, described the pineal gland as the “the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.” He described a conceptual model of a human as consisting of two ingredients, a body and a soul. He believed that the pineal gland had metaphysical properties and was the connection between the body and soul.

The ‘pineal-eye’ has also been referred to as a blind-spot in the Western way of thinking. And with modern scientific research now uncovering the real significance of this gland to human health, this looks increasingly like a valid point…

The Sacred Secrets of Pineal Gland Activation

So many times I find myself going back to the ancient teachings of our ancestors, to find a model and give meaning to the phenomena of evolutionary change that we are now experiencing.

With quantum science now proving many aspects of metaphysical realm and a new worldview to embrace that connects us with the unified field of unlimited potential – it really is time to go ‘Back to the Future’.

Many people think of the Ancient Egyptians as a primitive civilisation, however, no one alive today would be able to re-build the Giza pyramid complex and there are very few cranes that could even lift the 25 to 80 tonne granite stone blocks carefully positioned in the ‘King’s Chamber’ (a typical tower crane can only life up to 20 tonnes).

They were an advanced civilisation both technologically and spiritually and we will be delving into these advanced ancient cultures further in upcoming articles.

When it comes to the pineal gland, the ancient Egyptians revered this tiny gland. The Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra – bear a striking resemblance to the pineal gland where it is situated within the brain in cross-section.

Rearing cobras are often shown emerging from the centre of the forehead (third eye area) – indicating wisdom gained through the activation of coiled up energy at the base of the spine, which rises up the body and activates the crystals within the pineal gland, bringing enlightenment and heightened consciousness.

Just like the ‘kundalini rising’ of ancient Hindu tradition and the activation of ‘pre-natal Jing’ in ancient Chinese tradition – the delivery of energy upwards from the base of the spine to the heart (the amplifier of energy) and then activation of the pineal gland, is sacred wisdom common to many ancient cultures.

It’s this rising energy that can enhance the body’s bio-battery, with a positive charge being created at top of the head, and a negative charge at the feet. This activates the sympathetic nervous system and feeds the toroidal energy field of the human body.

This toroidal electromagnetic field has already been observed at the cellular level [8]. Experiments with flatworms have also proven how an animal’s body plan is not just down to its genes and environment, but electricity play a key role as well.[9]

Brain mapping via electroencephalograms (EEGs – a record of the electrical activity of the brain) have also shown the shift in energy (activity level) in the brain via meditative practices.[10]

As taught by Dr. Joe Dispenza (neuroscientist, author and educator) – as brain waves become more coherent and shift from beta waves (normal waking state of consciousness) to alpha waves (the resting state of the brain) and then into high frequency gamma waves (expanded consciousness and spiritual emergence) via meditative practices, energy is directed upwards into the brain and you can experience a super-conscious or super-aware state.

This is a state where the inner world becomes more real than the out world and you can access the sub-conscious brain to re-program it.

The Wrap…

Detoxifying and then activating your pineal gland is a great way to prepare your body for awakening your entire energy system.

By engaging your entire mind/ body/ spirit, you can accelerate your evolution and connect with the Universe via the quantum field.

You may even become aware of the unreality of your personal identity (‘the ego’) and the limitations of your physical reality.

It can also send energy back down to detoxify and strengthen your body both physically and energetically.

The pineal gland was revered by our ancient ancestors and as modern science continues to allow the story to unfold, we will be focussing more attention on this tiny (but highly significant) endocrine gland…

So if you are ready to electrically activate your pineal gland for ‘inner vision’, stay tuned as we take you through the process of detoxifying, strengthening and then activating your pineal gland












Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Intelligent by Nature or its staff.

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